Okay here's the deal, Vistaprint is always running some kind of great deal.  They are running a special now for a variety of Freebies.  You do have to pay shipping but it is still a great deal.  Check out the deals of the week on Vistaprint.

Freebies of the Week:
-Tote Bags
-Business Cards
-10 Invitations
-Note Pads
-And More...

Combine a couple of freebies to minimize shipping.

Special Note: Be careful at the final checkout. They will have two orders to confirm, one order has an extra "something" that they have added to your order and the other is your order with nothing added. Be sure to check the box with only your ordered items (unless of coarse, you wanted the extra something).

You can check out the post I did a while back on the Tote Bags Here.