Posted on 2/03/2010

Sheri Recommends: My Flipper Toothbrush Holder

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Check out these cute little toothbrush holders!  We were keeping the kids toothbrushes in a drawer and it was not working.  Besides the mess in the drawer, our 1yr old kept getting the brushes and either chewing on them or throwing them in the toilet!

I found these toothbrush holders at Toys R Us and I am so happy that I bought them.  They are not the cheapest things (about $4.99) but are a total answer to our problem.  The kids toothbrushes stay clean, the baby can't reach them, and the kids can use the holder for overnights!

Here's a pic of ours at home:

Here is how they work (you just pull the toothbrush towards you to get it out and push it back in and the animal closes:

Go to myflipperusa.com for more information.  Besides Toys R Us, the only store that I can see on the site that sells them in MN is The Container Store in Edina.

I noticed you can buy them at Target.com but they are selling for $10.99!  Urbanoutfitters.com has them for $8 & Amazon.com ranges from $6.49-$10.99.  Wow, I guess in hindsight, $4.99 at Toys R Us wasn't such a bad price.

Flipper meets every guideline for toothbrush care established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and  the American Dental Association (ADA):  "The easiest way to protect your toothbrush is by using a toothbrush cover. Splattering water, contact with skin, and toothbrushes knocking against one another are all circumstances that contribute to the spread of bacteria."