Posted on 2/20/2010

FREE Ramen Noodles!

Filed Under () By Sheri@mybargainbasket on 2/20/2010

Get your $1/1 Thai Kitchen Printable here (if you don't see the coupon try zip code 44256).  You should find Thai Kitchen Ramen noodles for about $.99 at Target, making your noodles FREE with coupon! 

I love Ramen noodles!  Besides eating then like soup, there is also that great Chinese Cabbage Salad that you add broken uncooked Ramen noodles to (the linked recipe uses cashews, I like to use slivered almonds -- you can also use sunseeds).  Mmmmm, I'm getting hungry.

Go to the kitchn.com if you are looking for ways to make your instant Ramen a little bit healthier.  I like this advice "If you don't want to actually go to the trouble of making your own [homemade]: boil the ramen for about 2 minutes, instead of the recomended 3, then drain the water, and rinse, this gets rid of a lot of the oil used to preserve the noodles. Measure out ONE cup of water, instead of two, and only use half the package of seasoning. Add veggies, and bring to a boil. While stirring briskly, add an egg white (you're making egg drop soup, here), then add the noodles back in and boil until done."  --deliriumsama

When I printed out my Thai Kitchen Coupon, a recipe for Red Curry Shrimp printed along with it.  It sounds Yummy.  If anyone didn't get it, and wants it, just shoot me a comment below or email me --Sheri@mybargainbasket.com

Thanks FreeSnatcher for the coupon heads up!