Posted on 4/15/2010

Sock Puffle with Sunglasses Craft for Kids!

Filed Under (,) By Sheri@mybargainbasket on 4/15/2010

My 8yr old daughter came up with this wonderful craft for a school project.  I thought that it was so adorable, economical, and fun that I had to share it with My Bargain Basket readers!

Do you have a bucket of miss matched socks like I do?  Here is a fun craft for kids to make good use of those socks that have been waiting in vain for a mate to come back to them.  Supplies are highlighted in blue.

  1. Pick a color of sock from your miss matched bucket
  2. Stuff it with kleenex, toilet paper, or stuffing (you could use stuffing from a stuffed animal or pillow that you are planning to throw away).  Fill the sock only enough to make a ball in the toe area.
  3. Wrap the sock around the ball of stuffing and pin the end with a cute pin (I found really cute ones 6 for $1 in Target's dollar section.
  4. Use a fine tip black permanent marker to draw sunglasses and a smile -- nice and simple.  Note:  If you have a black or dark colored sock, see step 5.
  5. This last step adds some pizazz and is fun for the kids.  Use a glitter glue stick to outline the sunglasses.  **If you have a black or dark colored sock, use the white glitter glue stick to draw the sunglasses and the face (see pic below).
  6. The final step is to stuff some feathers into the sock at the top of the "head" to make hair.  You can use any color of feathers that you would like.  Micheals sells a variety of colors, we just happened to have white on hand.
  7. Voila!  Your child has created their very own Sock Puffle with Sunglasses!  How cute is that?

My daughter's classmates get a chance to buy these Sock Puffles (w/ fake money) in their class "store" on Friday.  I can't wait to hear how her classmates like them!